Frequently Asked Questions
International surrogacy arrangements are the specialty area of our medical surrogate pregnancy practice. We work with medical fertility programs in over 40 countries that allow you to stay at home during a good portion of your surrogate cycle. This link will take you to our "question and answer" surrogacy information pages.

International Surrogacy Fees
Unlike many surrogacy programs in the United States, we do not financially penalize couples living abroad. This link will carry you to our financial information site where you may review the modest fees involved for international surrogacy arrangements.

Egg Donor Lists
We operate a very large egg donor program for those in need of an egg donor. Donors remain anonymous and donor arrangements are carried out with you in the secure and private setting of our medical offices. There is no need to travel from office to office to arrange the details of egg donation and/or surrogacy. This link will allow you to visit our egg donor site.