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Link to : The Fertility Institutes; The Web's most informative surrogate parenting site.
This is a link to the surrogate pregnancy section of our expanded, full services infertility Web site. The Fertility Institutes, with offices in Encino, Los Angeles and Lancaster, California as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada and Guadalajara, Mexico offer over 200 highly informative, well illustrated Web pages devoted to the most modern and successful infertility treatment options, including gestational and traditional surrogacy at HIGHLY DISCOUNTED prices. Full surrogacy services at our Centers cost less than half of what most others charge and unlike many agencies and practices with long wait lists, we have surrogates available NOW. All services (medical care, attorneys, surrogates, egg donors if needed) are offered in-house in one convenient location.

Visit the Web Home of The Fertility Institutes of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Guadalajara, Mexico.
The Fertility Institutes are full sevice infertility medical practices providing state-of-the-art surrogacy and infertility services nationally and internationally. With one of the largest combined egg donor, surrogacy and IVF programs available, all options are available to couples immediately. No lengthy waits for surrogate or egg donor matches. Visit this site for an informative look into one of the Web's most valuable infertility resources.

Interested in serving as a surrogate mother? This is a link to the most informative Surrogate Mother's resource on the Web !
This link provides information and qualification details to women interested in becoming surrogate mothers with The Fertility Institutes. Answers to our most frequently asked questions are provided and additional valuable links and contact phone numbers are provided. Due to logistics, we prefer that potential surrogates live in California. We have, however, the ability to match surrogates living in a variety of locations where local regulations hold surrogacy to be legal.