Surrogate Solutions to Infertility Problems
The International Surrogate Center is a division of The Fertility Institutes of Los Angeles and New York. Now one of the largest medical providers of surrogate parenting services in the United States, we have expanded our program to offer surrogacy options internationally. We have provided successful surrogacy services to couples from over 38 nations, and from all 50 United States. This Web site, and our domestic surrogacy information site are filled with information to assist you in your efforts to understand and take advantage of the surrogate mother options available today to assist couples with such needs. We invite you to browse our site and contact us for a full information package or with any additional questions that you may have. Toll free in the United States: (800) 222-2802. Internationally, call, in Los Angeles, California: 818-728-4600. We guarantee the availability of well screened, healthy surrogates and egg donors at all times. 90% of our surrogate matches are made within 21 days of your initial visit and qualification with us. Be sure to click the links above and below for additional information on our full service infertility services web site and details about our popular surrogacy options at THE FERTILITY AND SURROGACY INSTITUTES.
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By offering all surrogate services in one convenient office, we are able to maintain costs at reasonable levels. Surrogate patient intake services are provded in both Los Angeles and New York city. Due to New York legal restrictions on surrogacy, all actual surrogacy services are carried out through our Los Angeles facility. Full financing plans are available through our offices. A dedicated team of infertility specialists are ready to meet your needs for gestational or traditional surrogates, egg donors, sperm donors and more. We have always provided the highest quality fertility medical care to all potential caring families. We have surrogates available willing to carry a child to birth for couples of all races, nationalities and sexual orientations.Visit the Fertility Institutes International Surrogacy Information Center